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Too Many Top Judges Still Haven't Posted Their Disclosures Online

As of Mar. 18 — or 219 days after they were required to be posted:

Members of the Judicial Conference whose most recent financial disclosures (2022) were not online (6 of 26):

Judges William E. Smith (D. R.I.), S. Thomas Anderson (W.D. Tenn.), John Tunheim (D. Minn.), Leslie Kobayashi (Ninth Circuit),  James Boasberg (D. D.C.) and Kimberly Moore (Federal Circuit). Judge Kobayashi’s 2021 FDR isn’t posted, either. (The 2022 FDR of Judge Sri Srinivasan [D.C. Circuit] was posted since we last checked four weeks ago.)

Members of the Committee on Financial Disclosure whose 2022 disclosures were not online (2 of 16):

Judges Nannette Brown (E.D. La.) and Steven Seeger (N.D. Ill.). Judges Brown’s 2021 FDR is also not posted. (The 2021 FDRs of Judges Seeger and David E. Rice [B’y, D. Md.] were posted since we last checked four weeks ago.)

A new policy enacted last week (not out yet but we have a summary that we’ll quote from) permits the Financial Disclosure Office to “release of financial disclosure reports by reliable electronic means. Copies of reports not included in the […] database will be provided to requesters by email […].”

We’ve email the AO this morning for the missing disclosures noted above and will keep you posted.

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