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A Few Omissions and Errors From Justice Thomas' Old Disclosure Reports

Looking at his 2000 report (p. 2, line 2), it doesn’t appear that there is, or ever was, a “Culver Stockton College of Law.” There’s a “Culver-Stockton College” that the Justice’s friend Larry Thompson attended, but they don’t have a law school.

In addition, it appears that neither Culver-Stockton, nor Drake University, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, or Hillsdale College, where the Justice also spoke in 2000, has, or has ever owned or leased, a private plane. (The University of Louisville might have one.)

It also does not appear, looking at the Justice’s 2002 report, that the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, St. Benedict’s Prep (Newark, N.J.), Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, the Georgia State Bar and Drake (again) has ever owned or leased a private plane.

In each case above, the Justice listed “private plane” as his mode of transportation in Part IV of his disclosure.

Under the Ethics in Government Act and Judicial Conference regulations, Thomas should either:
— Move “private plane” to the gifts section (Part V) and list the source of the plane ride, as using a plane to give a talk at a university or bar association would not appear to fall under the “personal hospitality” exemption;
— Or, per, 5 U.S.C. §13104(a)(2)(B), list the “identity of the source” of the plane rides under “description” in Part IV.

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