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Fix the Court, Five Years On

Fix the Court is five years old today!

Happy birthday to us.

Here we’ll count down the top five moments in court transparency over the last five years.

No. 5: The article in USA TODAY five years ago that told the world that Fix the Court is starting up and raring to go!

No. 4: All the times over the last five years we’ve found a conflict of interests that a justice had missed. If the court won’t police itself, well, that’s what we’re here for.

No. 3: Our 2016 op-ed in the New York Times​, “The Supreme Court Is Being Hypocritical,” detailing all the ways in which the justices have ruled in favor of greater accountability over the years yet have themselves failed to follow these pro-transparency holdings.

No. 2: On Oct. 19, 2017, Chief Judge Merrick Garland granted our request to livestream the audio of a major abortion case in the D.C. Circuit. This dispensation sent an important signal on livestreaming across the judiciary.

No. 1: Our work with Congress. From assisting on major legislation in 2018 to testifying before a congressional committee in 2019, to ensuring that every time a member of the Supreme Court, a lower court judge or staff from the Administrative Office appears before lawmakers they’re asked about our “fixes,” these have been our biggest wins to date.

Here’s to even greater success in year six!

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