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Hours Before Confirmation, First Batch of Kavanaugh's Office of Legal Policy Documents Arrives

Fix the Court today received the first batch of responsive documents pursuant to its Sept. 6 lawsuit over an unfulfilled FOIA request for Brett Kavanaugh’s Office of Legal Policy documents.

FTC learned from earlier document requests and news reports that Kavanaugh often communicated with OLP staff about President Bush’s judicial nominees and near-nominees and about other controversial Bush administration policies, many of which were at issue in his confirmation hearings. FTC is again represented in this suit by American Oversight, a fellow nonpartisan watchdog group.

Read the documents here.

In late September, FTC received its fifth and final batch of documents from Kavanaugh’s Office of Legal Counsel file.

All the documents FTC requested from Kavanaugh’s Office of Independent Counsel file are posted here.

More than 90 percent of the documents FTC requested from the Bush Library remain missing or unproduced.

Last month we did receive a list of just the titles of the folders in which the Kavanaugh files are purportedly located. Those lists are here: counsels office | staff secretary.

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