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We Have the Final Batch of Kavanaugh Documents from One of Our FOIA Lawsuits

This is from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. We asked for these documents in May 2017, did not receive them in a timely manner and had to sue to get them.

Read the documents here.

In total, DOJ said that 1,743 pages were responsive to our request, i.e., all e-mails and memos written by and to Brett Kavanaugh during the time he worked in the White House (2001-06). Of those, 899 pages were withheld in full (we’re following up on this to ask why), and 844 pages were produced, albeit heavily redacted.

Of the pages produced, about two-thirds were from Kavanaugh’s time as associate counsel, and one-third were from his time as staff secretary.

The other productions are linked below:

First production (Aug. 3)

Second production (Aug. 17)

Third production (Aug. 31)

Fourth production (Sept. 14)

Fix the Court has ongoing FOIA litigation with a different division of DOJ, the Office of Legal Policy, over a FOIA we submitted in July 2018.

We expect files to be produced as part of that lawsuit as soon as Sept. 21.

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