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Wall Street Journal, USA Today Cite Fix the Court in Coverage of Roberts' Year-End Report

Fix the Court’s response to Chief Justice John Roberts’ year-end report on the federal judiciary was noted by both the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

“Supreme Court critic Gabe Roth was not impressed by [Roberts’ tales of 19th century duels],” Jess Bravin wrote in the Journal, “although he stopped short of challenging the chief justice to pistols at dawn.

“‘Instead of telling tales of times past, Roberts should look to the future and to implementing institutional improvements—from recusal reform to ending the broadcast media ban—that will help the court maintain its rightful legitimacy in an ever more skeptical world,’ said Mr. Roth.”

In USA Today, Richard Wolf quoted Roth noting that “reference to duels has ‘no relevance to the way in which a 21st century Supreme Court carries out its constitutional duties.'”

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