Tyler Cooper: Select Op-Eds, Writings, and TV Appearances

Select Op-Eds:

Fixed Terms for Supreme Court Justices Checks Constitutionality Boxes [Bloomberg Law, 06/03/19]

Why History Supports US Supreme Court Term Limits [National Law Journal, 10/04/19]

Should Supreme Court justices have term limits? Yes: Ensure seats are filled fairly and rationally [Philadelphia Inquirer, 09/24/20]

Term Limits Would Make the Court More Recognizable to Our Founders [In syndication for InsideSources, 10/21/20]

Supreme Court Term Limits—Here’s the Best Option [Bloomberg Law, 02/23/21]

Supreme Retirement Planning in the Twilight of a Gerontocracy [In syndication for InsideSources, 06/07/21]

Term limits over expansion: The right way to fix the Supreme Court [New York Daily News, 12/28/21]

Clarence, Ginni and the Court Unbound by Ethics Rules [Daily Journal, 03/30/22]

The Supreme Court Confirmation Process Needs Switching Up [Bloomberg Law, 04/21/22]

Other Select Writings:

Retiring Life Tenure: On Term Limits and Regular Appointments at the Supreme Court [Cardozo Law Review: Appointments Issue, Fall 2020]

SCOTUS Term Limits and the Final Period Problem [Fix the Court, 03/23/20]

Select TV Appearances:

Jan. 6 Panel Sends Letter Asking Ginni Thomas To Testify [Newsy, 06/18/22]

Roe v. Wade Aftermath [Newsy, 06/27/22]

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