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“They’ve told us where we can pray, picked our President, allowed billionaires to buy elections and made choices of life and death.
Nine judges appointed for life to a court that makes its own rules and has disdain for openness and transparency.
The Supreme Court – America’s most powerful, least accountable government institution…”

About Fix the Court:
Fix the Court is a national, non-partisan grassroots organization created to take the Supreme Court to task for its lack of accountability and transparency and to push Chief Justice John Roberts and the court’s eight associate justices to enact basic yet critical reforms to make the court more open and honest.

It educates the American people about the many problems plaguing the court and its justices and is building a movement of conservatives, independents and progressives demanding change with a common voice.

For more information on the reforms Fix the Court is pursuing, click here.

About Gabe Roth:
Gabe Roth (right) is executive director of Fix the Court.

Previously, he managed the Coalition for Court Transparency, a national alliance of media and legal organizations that advocated for the broadcast of Supreme Court proceedings, among other issues.

Originally from Nashville, Gabe began his career as a producer at the NBC affiliate in Jacksonville, Fla.

He has an undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a master’s from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

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