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Five Fix the Court Goals for 2024

A busy and fruitful year of SCOTUS reform is behind us. But you can bet Fix the Court will keep the momentum going to bring transparency and fairness to the ever-powerful judiciary.

Here are five goals for 2024:

1. Achieve real accountability at the Supreme Court. The justices’ code of conduct absolves past indiscretions and excuses future lapses. It’s not good enough. The public deserves solutions, and we’ll continue to lead here — thanks to new research, new coalitions and new legislative proposals.

2. Fight for live feeds of high-profile cases. Of course the federal Trump trials, e.g., should be livestreamed: the technology exists; what doesn’t is a valid excuse.

3. Lead the conversation around judicial accountability beyond SCOTUS. Last year we shed light on the partisan junkets lower court judges are attending; this year we’ll keep on that and plan to include state supreme court justices in our research.

4. Make access to court records free. PACER, the online service that provides filings and docket sheets at $0.10 a page, makes documents inaccessible and ridiculously expensive. It’s got to go, and we have bipartisan support for making that happen.

5. Devise a plan to make Fix the Court sustainable. Let’s face it: fundraising dollars are tight, especially in an election year and with other groups in the courts space larger (and often louder). But we believe in our work. And we believe we should keep at it for years to come.

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