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The Justices' Recent Events — Fall 2022, Winter 2022-23 and Spring 2023 — with Links to Videos When Recorded

These are  OCTOBER 2022-MAY 2023 (see MAY-SEPTEMBER 2022 events here)

Future events

30. Justice Jackson will speak at Boston University School of Law graduation (5/21/23): Announcement here; livestream will be here

29. Justice Breyer (ret.) will be in conversation with GW Law Dean Dayna Bowen Matthew (5/16/23): Announcement here

28. Justice Breyer (ret.) and his brother, Judge Charles Breyer, will be in conversation with GW Law Associate Dean Alan Morrison (3/29/23): Announcement here

Past events

27. Justice Sotomayor speaks virtually at the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, Ark. (3/22/23): Announcement here; press report here

26. Justice Breyer (ret.) speaks at GW Law about his impact on copyright law (3/20/23): Announcement here

25. Justice Breyer (ret.) appears in conversation at Georgetown University with Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin (3/16/23): Announcement here; tweets here

24. Justice Jackson speaks at event in Cutler Bay, Fla., for the dedication of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Street (3/6/23): Link to video

23. Justice Kavanaugh meets with members of the Columbia Law School Federalist Society chapter in the Supreme Court building (2/23/23): No video recording; Instagram post here

22. Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Kennedy (ret.), Breyer (ret.), Kagan, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Jackson attend President Biden’s State of the Union address (2/7/23): Press report here; photo here

21. Justice Barrett appears as a moot court judge at Notre Dame Law School (2/6/23): No video recording; law school recap here

20. Justice Kavanaugh speaks at the Notre Dame Law Review Federal Courts Symposium (1/23/23): Link to video

19. Justice Kagan christens the USNS Earl Warren in San Diego (1/21/23): No video recording; press report here

18. Justice Breyer (ret.) speaks with Stanford Law Dean Jenny Martinez at Stanford’s Memorial Auditorium (1/9/23): Link to video

17. Justice Sotomayor speaks via videoconference and in conversation Berkeley School of Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky to the Association of American Law Schools’ annual meeting in San Diego(1/4/23): Link to video

16. Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Kennedy (ret.), Kagan and Kavanaugh attend the memorial service for Cissy Marshall at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (12/20/23): Link to video

15. Chief Justice Roberts presides over the Supreme Court’s annual holiday party (12/16/22): No video recording

14. Justice Kavanaugh attends Matt and Mercy Schlapp’s annual Christmas party (12/9/22): No video recording; press report here

13. Justice Breyer (ret.) attends the White House state dinner honoring the French president and first lady (12/1/22): No video recording; press report here

12. Justices Kavanaugh and Jackson attend Judge Michelle Childs’ D.C. Circuit investiture (11/19/22): No video recording; report here; tweets here

11. Chief Justice Roberts presents Oregon Circuit Judge Nan G. Waller with the Rehnquist Award for Judicial Excellence and gives remarks during an event at the Supreme Court (11/17/22): No video recording; tweets here

10. Justice Sotomayor speaks with Soledad O’Brien at the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts in Hartford, Conn. (11/15/22): No video recording; press report here 

9. Justice Alito speaks at the Federalist Society’s national convention (11/10/22): No video recording; press report here 

8. Justice Barrett speaks at the Federalist Society’s national convention (11/10/22): No video recording; press report here 

7. Justice Breyer (ret.) gives a presentation to a Paris law school, Université Panthéon-Assas (10/28/22): No video recording; event announcement here

6. Justice Alito gives the 2022 Joseph Story Distinguished Lecture at the Heritage Foundation (10/25/22): Link to video

5. Justice Kagan speaks with University of Pennsylvania President Elizabeth Magill at UPenn (10/21/22): Link to video

4. Justice Breyer (ret.) speaks at a Federal Bar Association meeting (10/20/22): No video recording; details here

3. Justice Sotomayor speaks at Roosevelt University in Chicago and receives the Eleanor Roosevelt Social Justice Award (10/20/22): No video recording; press report here 

2. Justice Breyer (ret.) speaks at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University (10/19/22): Link to video

1. Justice Sotomayor speaks at the Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books in Providence (10/14/22): No video recording; press report here

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