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Ohio Chief Justice Puts SCOTUS on Notice in Farewell Speech

In remarks following her final oral argument as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Maureen O’Connor called maintaining the livestreaming of arguments one of her crowning achievements and put the U.S. Supreme Court on notice for its lack of broadcast access.

“I’ve been a vocal advocate for cameras in the courts — including the United States Supreme Court. What a teaching opportunity that would be,” she said.

O’Connor noted that videos of oral arguments had been viewed nearly seven million times since 2002 and that the court was able to adapt to changing technology, as cumbersome equipment was swapped out and as dial-up modems gave way to wireless connections.

She said that maintaining transparency in the courtroom via broadcast has been critical in building and preserving trust in the institution.

“Ohioans know that even if they don’t prevail, justice in Ohio is carried out in the open,” she said. “It is reliable, respectful, professional and respectful of all parties.”

If the embedding video above isn’t working, you can watch at this link.

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