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On SCOTUS Event Video, Credit Where Credit Is Due

So far this summer, there have been three public events featuring Supreme Court justices:

— The June 30 swearing in of Justice Jackson

— The July 22 Justice Alito speech in Rome hosted by Notre Dame Law’s Religious Liberty Initiative

—  The Justice Sotomayor-Justice Barrett conversation with Yale Law Prof. Akhil Amar at the Reagan Institute on July 28

All three of these events, as you can see from the links above, were video-recorded, and the video of which was made public as a livestream (for the first event) or placed online within days (for the other two).

This is a departure from the norm, where for decades, many justices would only permit the journalists who were invited, if any were invited, to bring pen and paper, no cameras.

Alito and Barrett famously did that on a number of occasions.

We hope this summer’s trend toward transparency continues.

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