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Justice Alito's 2020 Disclosure Out Finally

Though Justice Sam Alito’s 2020 financial disclosure report was not included in the batch Fix the Court received from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on June 11, we did receive it via thumb-drive-in-the-mail today.

Judges and justices are permitted one 90-day extension. It appears Alito submitted his report July 23, and it took about a month for the AO to release it.

Of note, Alito made $24,000 on top of his judicial salary last year from teaching at the law schools of Duke University and Regent University. (Regent was founded by televangelist Pat Robertson, and he remains its chancellor.)

Sadly, the only stocks Alito sold last year (see the justices’ 2012-2021 stock ownership list here) were spinoffs created by the United Technologies-Raytheon merger.

This year, though, it’s likely he sold his Boeing shares, since as of yesterday, he’s no longer recused from an upcoming Boeing case — 20-794, Servotronics, Inc., v. Rolls-Royce PLC, et al. — that the justices will hear on the second argument day of next term.

View Alito’s disclosure here. View all nine justices’ disclosures going back to 2012 — and in some cases, before that — here.

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