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Recent Articles, Press Releases, Editorials, Op-Eds and Papers on Supreme Court Term Limits

Initial Article on Last Year’s Term Limits Bill (H.R. 8424) and Press Releases
– “Democrats prepare bill limiting U.S. Supreme Court justice terms to 18 years,” Reuters, Andrew Chung [09/24/20]
– “Rep. Ro Khanna Proposes Supreme Court Term Limits, Appointments Schedule, Without Constitutional Amendment,” Rep. Ro Khanna [09/25/20]
– “House Democrats Propose Supreme Court Term Limits, Appointments Schedule, Without Constitutional Amendment,” Rep. Don Beyer [09/25/20]
– “First-Ever Measure to End Life Tenure on the Supreme Court Via Statute, Not Amendment, to Be Introduced,” Fix the Court [09/29/20]

Fact Sheets, Polls and Letters
– New Poll Shows SCOTUS Term Limits Still Popular Across Party Lines, Fix the Court [06/10/20]
– Frequently Asked Questions on Khanna-Beyer-Kennedy Term Limits Statute, Fix the Court [09/25/20]
– Thirty-One Legal Scholars Endorse House Dems’ SCOTUS Term Limits Bill, Fix the Court [10/23/20]
– Facts About the Supreme Court Term Limits and Regular Appointments Act of 2020, Fix the Court [11/06/20]
– Rs and Ds Support Temporary Expansion of Supreme Court to Facilitate Transition to Term Limits, Fix the Court [03/09/21]
– What Senators Have Said About Supreme Court Term Limits, Fix the Court [05/19/21]

Op-Eds and Editorials
– “SCOTUS Term Limits and the ‘Final Period Problem,’” Fix the Court, Tyler Cooper [03/23/20]
– “It’s time to end life tenure at the Supreme Court,” The Fulcrum, Gabe Roth [07/22/20]
– “Eighteen (years) is enough: Limit the terms of Supreme Court justices,” Los Angeles Times editorial [08/09/20]
– “Judicial term limits are the best way to avoid all-out war over the Supreme Court,” Washington Post editorial [09/21/20]
– “Set term limits for Supreme Court justices,” Boston Globe editorial [09/22/20]
– “Supreme Court term limits do not require a constitutional amendment,” USA Today, Gabe Roth [09/24/20]
– “Should Supreme Court justices have term limits? Yes: Ensure seats are filled fairly and rationally,” Philadelphia Inquirer, Tyler Cooper [09/24/20]
– “Make the Supreme Court Less Political. Put Term Limits on Justices,” RealClearPolicy, Stephen Heintz and Pete Peterson [10/05/20]
– “Forget Court Packing: Only Term Limits Can Save The Supreme Court,” National Review, Amitai Etzioni [10/06/20]
– “Term Limits Would Make the Court More Recognizable to Our Founders,” Inside Sources, Tyler Cooper [10/21/20]
– “Supreme Court Term Limits—Here’s the Best Option,” Bloomberg Law, Tyler Cooper [02/23/21]
– “We Do Need to Reform the Supreme Court,” Just Security, Tyler Cooper and Gabe Roth [04/08/21]

White Papers and Law Review Articles
– “Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century,” American Academy of Arts and Sciences [06/11/20]
– “The Need for Supreme Court Term Limits,” Center for American Progress, Maggie Jo Buchanan [08/03/20]
– “The Conservative Constitution,” National Constitution Center, Ilan Wurman, Robert George, Michael McConnell, and Colleen A. Sheehan [09/28/20]
– “The Progressive Constitution,” National Constitution Center, Caroline Fredrickson, Jamal Greene, and Melissa Murray [09/28/20]
– “Retiring Life Tenure: On Term Limits and Regular Appointments at the Supreme Court,” Cardozo Law Review, Tyler Cooper, Amanda Dworkin, Dylan Hosmer-Quint, and Amanda Pescovitz [10/23/20]
– “Designing Supreme Court Term Limits,” Southern California Law Review, Adam Chilton, Dan Epps, Kyle Rozema and Maya Sen [02/25/21]

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