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FTC Asks Presidents of ACS and FedSoc to Invite Other Team's Judges to Their Annual Conventions

This will likely go nowhere but one must try:

You may recall that FTC has cosponsored nearly a dozen joint FedSoc-ACS events at law schools over the years, including the one at right at Georgetown Law Center.

It’s in that spirit of camaraderie that FTC sent a letter to the presidents of the American Constitution Society and the Federalist Society today asking that they work to book judges appointed by presidents of the other team for their annual conventions.

No Democratic appointees spoke at FedSoc 2019, for example, and only one GOP appointee spoke at ACS 2019 (Judge Sutton), and that was to sell a book.

Remember, even if you pay dues to one (note: judges should not pay dues to either), you can still attend the other.

We’ll be sure to let you know if either replies.

Read the letter here.

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