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Fix the Court Announces Its Priorities for 2021

2021Ten For ’21, In No Particular Order:

1. Keep all 14 federal appeals courts – that’s the 13 circuits plus SCOTUS – livestreaming their oral arguments

2. (Re)-introduce a bill in Congress to end life tenure for future Supreme Court justices

3. Expand consequences for judicial misconduct, especially with recent administrative efforts not cutting it

4. Getting both houses of Congress to pass a “free PACER” bill

5. Find out if SCOTUS is actually going to produce an ethics code, as was promised by Justice Kagan two years ago

6. Use the appropriations process to achieve transparency and accountability priorities

7. Ensure the judiciary has enough authorized judgeships to do its work efficiently and effectively

8. Ensure federal judges have the same travel, gift, hospitality and securities requirements as members of Congress and the executive branch

9. Ensure the judiciary has the resources it needs for security, though not at the expense of First Amendment protections

10. Identify and root out judges’ and justices’ conflicts of interest

Read about our 2020 successes here.


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