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An Early Holiday Present from Fix the Court

With a presidential impeachment, two weeks of SCOTUS arguments and a cert. grant on a Trump taxes this month, we’ve been demure to this point. But, as an early Chanukah present, we give you the best gift: content.

Here’s a roundup of what we’ve been working on, as we look to answer eight questions – one per night! – about judicial history, ethics and conflicts:

Should the justices accept cash prizes at all, even if they turn around and donate the money to charity? Answer here.

Should the justices tamp down their increasing willingness to seal filings that reach the high court? Answer here.

Should the justices use the Puerto Rico debt cases (where’s the opinion??) as an opportunity to denounce the “insular cases,” and either way, what could Congress do in this arena? Answer here.

Why have the justices recused themselves 69 times at the petition stage so far this term? Answer here.

Would future, term-limited justices vote differently in the 17th or 18th year of their term in preparation for post-court employment? Answer here.

Why is Kozinski back? He shouldn’t be; more here.

Which circuits have made moves to improve accountability in the last six months? Answer here

And (from November) how do the circuits rank across various measures of transparency? Answer here. (One circ. exec. writes: “We plan to earn more points next year. Too many circuits catching up!”)

Happy Chanukah, merry Christmas, and happy new year!

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