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Fix the Court Hosts Event at NYU Law

NYU Law 01Fix the Court executive director Gabe Roth spoke to a packed house at New York University School of Law today (right) about the impetus behind creating the organization more than two years ago and the improvements the federal courts system has made since on transparency and accountability issues.

“There’s no reason for the Supreme Court – and all federal appeals courts across the country – not to modernize,” Roth said. “The biggest obstacle is inertia, but we’re wearing them down.”

Students discussed whether instituting term limits for the justices – which would mean confirmation hearings every two years – would raise or lower the stakes for each confirmation, how other U.S. courts have handled the cameras question and which of the “fixes” is most likely to be implemented.

Roth had previously hosted conversations with law students at Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern, U. Chicago, Virginia, Duke, Penn, Columbia and John Marshall.

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