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Fix the Court Continues Law School Road Show at Duke

FTC at Duke LawAfter successful events with law students and faculty at Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern and UVA, Fix the Court executive director Gabe Roth traveled to Durham March 30 to moderate a panel at Duke Law School on the types of reforms needed to bring the Supreme Court into the 21st century.

All three panelists had themselves been Supreme Court clerks – Prof. Don Ayers for Justice Rehnquist, Prof. Tom Metzloff for Justice White Prof. Ernie Young for Justice Souter – and each discussed how their experiences at the high court shaped their views of the role it plays within our constitutional system, with some arguing for more transparency in the cert. petition process while others echoing Souter’s famous admonition that a camera would only enter the courtroom if it “rolled over his dead body.”

One area of agreement: if the three were starting from scratch, each would either include a mandatory retirement age or term limits in Article III of the Constitution.

The OT15 law school tour concludes in April with visits to John Marshall and University of Chicago Law Schools.

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