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On the Road at Stanford, Northwestern Law

FTC's Roth (right), Judge Mikva and a law student at Northwestern Law on Nov. 12

After a successful September event at Harvard Law, Fix the Court executive director Gabe Roth visited the Stanford and Northwestern Law Schools the week of Nov. 9 to speak with students about ways in which the Supreme Court should reform in order to comport with modern expectations of transparency from public institutions.

At Stanford, Roth led a conversation with Prof. Pam Karlan, a leading constitutional school and co-director of the school’s Supreme Court Clinic, which covered proposals for term limits, ethics reform and ending the court’s broadcast media ban. At Northwestern, Roth was joined by Judge Mary Mikva and discussed blind trusts, public appearances and recusals with her.

Both speakers were law clerks at the Supreme Court and possess unique insight into the mindset of the justices – and how they see themselves as stewards of the institution.

These events were co-hosted by the school’s chapters of the American Constitution Society and Federalist Society.

Fix the Court will continue visiting top law schools later this winter.

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