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What Fix the Court Was Up To Over the Holidays

It’s been a busy holiday season at Fix the Court. (We hope you’ve finally gotten that egg nog stain out of your carpet and the fried potato smell out of your kitchen.)

In mid-December, Fix the Court sent out parody holiday cards “from” Chief Justice Roberts, talking about what they justices had been up to this past year – though given the secrecy at the court, we had to redact some of the details.

We also wrote our own year-end report on the federal judiciary, in anticipation of the one the chief released on December 31. While ours focused on ways in which the justices could improve on transparency at the court, Chief Justice Roberts merely paid lip service to the idea that openness is critical and did not signal a willingness to make the court truly transparent – even as dozens of other government institutions have adopted a more favorable attitude toward modern technology. (Note: Pneumatic tubing was not “modern” for the entire 20th century.)

Today, we were pleased to see the Washington Post editorial board endorse our call for cameras and live audio in the Supreme Court courtroom.

As we begin 2015 with faith in the court at an all-time low, we hope opening up the institution in order to rightly restore some lost prestige becomes a top priority.


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