Summer 2021 Resources

Hello. Gabe here. It’s July 2, and I’m starting parental leave. Tyler is taking some time off. The law clerks all have other summer jobs. So we have something of a court-fixing hiatus until Sept. 1…

…except that I’ll be testifying before the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court on July 20 around 10:15 a.m. ET.

Here’s my written statement. (It’s good, I promise.) Here’s my oral testimony. Here’s the link to the hearing.

If Justice Breyer retires, Tyler ( will have a statement on that. Here are Judge Jackson’s 2018 and 2019 disclosures, which FTC obtained exclusively for this possibility. The most recent Justice Kruger disclosure we have is from 2015, so that’s probably not helpful. Free Law Project will have Judge Childs’ disclosures.

In case a new version of the judicial security bill comes out, here’s some background.

If Justice Alito’s 2020 financial disclosure surfaces, it’ll be posted here.

If there’s news on SCOTUS’s OT21 oral argument broadcast policy, see this spreadsheet for context.

The OT20 recusals list, explaining nearly all of the term’s ~240 recusals, is here.

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