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FTC Responds to the Chief Justice's Year-End Report

FTC’s Gabe Roth responds to Chief Justice Roberts’ annual report:

“A year-end statement that fails to address or even mention the ethical lapses uncovered over the last 12 months is about as useful today as the typewriters the Chief Justice waxes poetic about in it.

“Roberts and his successors will have the next several decades to talk about AI in the legal profession, but this year, Americans are looking to the Chief for leadership and action amid an unprecedented ethics crisis.

“A new ethics code is a good start, but its total lack of enforcement, and zero explanation of how violations will be measured or investigated, means there’s more to do to solve the crisis.

“There are several steps, from software-based conflict checking to hiring ethics counsels, that the Chief should be taking and should be announcing in his report, and the omission of anything ethics-related in the report speaks volumes.”

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