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Judicial Conference Offers No Path Forward on Transparency and Accountability

Fix the Court’s Gabe Roth released this statement following the end of the Judicial Conference’s semi-annual meeting todady:

“It’s been five months since the Justice Thomas disclosure omissions were referred to the Judicial Conference, and there’s no update today? How many more gift and free trip revelations will it take for them to act and to refer the inquiry to the Justice Department, as is required under the disclosures law?

“And how embarrassing was it that the Conference said it’s not even addressing whether the Trump trials will be livestreamed? Limiting real-time access only to the select few allowed in the courtroom would be a travesty.

“And yet, am I really surprised that when the Conference had the opportunity to improve transparency and accountability branch-wide, it failed to meet the moment? No.

“Advocates, lawmakers and judges across the country, current and former, are calling on the powers that be to take concrete steps to restore public confidence in the judiciary, but those calls appear to be falling on 52 deaf ears.”

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