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A SCOTUS Scandal "Approval Matrix" and More Ahead of Tomorrow's Markup

Ahead of tomorrow’s markup of the SCOTUS ethics bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee, we’re sharing some resources that might be of interest:

1. A New York magazine-style “approval matrix” chronicling the scandalous and not-so-scandalous SCOTUS revelations of the last year: above and at this link

2. A letter sent yesterday by POGO, Free Law Project and FTC to Senate Judiciary Republicans asking them to work with Committee Democrats, as they did a year ago, to support the various bipartisan provisions in the bill: link

3. A list of the (very minor) changes to SCOTUS ethics practices this year: link

4. An updated list of SCOTUS ethics lapses since FTC’s founding: link

Statement from FTC’s Gabe Roth:

“We’re far past the point where a Supreme Court ethics code is enough to fix what ails the institution. We need new gift and travel rules, a process for filing complaints against the justices and more transparency around recusals. Republicans have within the last five years supported these reforms — their base continues to support them in poll after poll — and tomorrow’s expected opposition will only push GOP lawmakers further from mainstream America.

“The Court has lost its moral compass — and has dug in its heels. Comprehensive ethics legislation appears to be the only way to put it back on the right track.”

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