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Fix the Court to the Committee on Financial Disclosure: Fix the Regs!

Fix the Court today sent a letter to the Judicial Conference’s Committee on Financial Disclosure asking them to strengthen the financial disclosure regulations in four ways:

1. Filers should not simply be able to list “ABC LLC” on their report; they should tell the public what it is the LLC owns or does.

2. The Committee should bring back the “identify the buyer of your second home” instruction that, for unknown reasons, was deleted a few years ago.

3. The Committee should add “break even” and “loss” to the drop-down menu under “Transactions,” so the public is not left to guess how much a filer gained or lost in a transaction.

4. The Committee should add “…and value of each” under “Reimbursements,” so the public can assess if a filer’s free trip needs further examination (e.g., if the value of a perk — flight, hotel, etc. — cost thousands of dollars, that has discrete ethics implications.

Read the letter here

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