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Fix the Court's "Fixes" Endorsed by N.Y. Times, L.A. Times

From the New York Times (April 14):

“No member of Congress or the executive branch is permitted to accept a single free cruise or flight without disclosing it. Lower-court federal judges are subject to gift limits and full disclosure rules as set out in the Judicial Conference regulations on gifts, but Chief Justice John Roberts has repeatedly said the conference’s rules do not apply to the Supreme Court.

It remains ‘the least accountable part of our government,’ as the watchdog organization Fix the Court has been saying for years. […]

“But the new rules are still not very strong. As Gabe Roth, executive director of Fix the Court, points out, judges are still not required to disclose the dollar amounts of the trips, and can wait up to a year to report them. Members of Congress, by contrast, must report all such gift trips within a month, and disclose their value.”

From the Los Angeles Times (April 12):

“Fix the Court, a reform group, suggests that justices should be required to file a report within 30 days of their return from a trip funded by others, listing the names of other guests and the dollar amounts for every mode of transportation taken, as well as lodging and meals. That seems reasonable.

“The group also has an intriguing proposal that an ethics office be established for the court that would pre-clear sponsored travel for justices, even if a personal friend was picking up the tab.”

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