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Justice Jackson Memoir Doesn't Raise Ethical Flags (With a Couple of Caveats)

It was reported today that Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson will be writing a memoir, as many of her colleagues, like Justices Thomas and Sotomayor and Barrett, have done or are planning to do.

In a statement today, FTC executive Gabe Roth said: “I see no ethical problems with her book deal so long as she reports her income from it, recuses from cases and petitions involving the publisher and addresses apolitical, ideologically diverse audiences on any book tour she might go on.”

The book deal is with Penguin Random House, which hasn’t had a petition before SCOTUS in a few years.

Earlier this year, hackles were raised at news that Justice Amy Coney Barrett is writing a memoir and will be paid richly for it.

At the time, FTC released a statement that can be best summarized as: this is fine.

Beyond investment income and book sales and advances, justices are able to earn outside income from teaching. Per regulations, teaching salary must be no higher than 15 percent of the Level II of the Executive (Pay) Schedule.

For 2023, that means a cap of $31,815.

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