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FTC Statement on the Supreme Court's Leak Report

FTC executive director Gabe Roth issued this statement following the release of the Supreme Court’s report on its investigation into the Dobbs leak:

“It is very much in line with the Court’s heightened self-importance — how it sees itself as an infallible, impenetrable priesthood — that it would throw untold resources at investigating something that is almost assuredly unknowable.

“Instead of wild goose chases, the justices should spend their time building back public confidence in the Court — by adopting a formal ethics code, issuing more narrow and less activist opinions and swearing off junkets and influence campaigns.

“Finally, the irony of SCOTUS noting in its report that its clerks must follow a code of conduct (yet SCOTUS does not have an ethics code) and then later in the report randomly including a part of Canon 3 of the lower courts’ code (not applicable to the justices) should not be lost on anyone.”

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