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The Number of Appeals Courts with a Permanent Livestreaming Policy Doubles in a Single Day

Was at two; now at four. Ten to go

The Fifth and Eleventh Circuits both announced today that they’ve made permanent their pandemic-era policy of audio livestreaming their oral arguments.

The Fifth Circuit’s announcement was expected, as the court has been working over the last several months to improve public access to argument audio, including by creating a user-friendly YouTube page that hosts both live and archived arguments.

The Eleventh Circuit, on the other hand, was the only appeals court that had actually stopped livestreaming arguments as COVID restriction wound down. It was unclear it the court would ever restart livestreaming, so today’s announcement was a welcome surprise.

Besides these two circuits, only the D.C. Circuit (audio only) and Ninth Circuits (video) have permanent livestreaming policies.

The other nine circuit courts, as well as the Supreme Courts, are livestreaming their arguments but have refused to say whether such access will be made permanent.

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