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Update: Judicial Conference Conduct Committee Now Has Bipartisan Balance

Senators Welcome as 'Breakthrough' a Judicial Conference Warning to Judges, Clerks against Partisan Training Programs | by Sheldon Whitehouse | Senator Sheldon Whitehouse | MediumLast week, Fix the Court tried to determine who sits on the Judicial Conference’s Judicial Conduct and Disability Committee, since we anticipate the trend of narrow confirmations and hyperpartisan judges will continue, and this Committee is often the last defense to keep judges in line.

We had found a Committee order from 2020 showing that it was staffed in a way that significantly favored one party’s appointees over another.

But then Law360’s Andrew Kragie did some digging and found that the Committee today is, in fact, balanced among R- and D-appointed judges. (One broader solution: the Conference should post the names of its current Committee members online.)

In any event, this is a relief, and thank you, Andrew!

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