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FTC Op-Ed: "Supreme Retirement Planning in the Twilight of a Gerontocracy"

By Tyler Cooper, FTC senior researcher

Should the oldest liberal Supreme Court justice retire to allow for a Democratic President and Senate to appoint a successor?

After reading that question, you might be asking yourself, what year are we in again?

In 2012, the question was asked of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—we all know how that played out—and today, in 2021, the question is being asked of Justice Stephen Breyer.

According to a new piece by me for Inside Sources, the politics, state of Supreme Court jurisprudence and views of the justice and his late colleague all support Breyer immediately announcing his plans to resign.

Breyer should agree that the nine lucky enough to be chosen to sit at the apex of public judicial power would do well to start putting the needs of the many over their own personal career fulfillment.

Read the full piece here.

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