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A Few Late March Updates

With just three months (educated guess) until Justice Breyer tells the White House he’s retiring upon confirmation of a successor, here’s a quick update on our work, which is taking us in several interesting directions. The first two items we’d hoped to share today, but they’re stuck in an editing canal and will be posted once they’re set free later this week.

1. We all (or almost all) were aghast at the March 19 Judge Silberman C.A.D.C. opinion. You know the one. What can be done about it? [Op-ed]

2. What ever happened to the judicial security bill, and how do we ensure it doesn’t revert to the earlier version that featured an unconstitutional prior restraint? [Op-ed]

3. How did a Supreme Court ethics code end up in H.R. 1 / S. 1, and how can we ensure the text is constitutional? [Backgrounder]

4. Did you know a bill was introduced in the Senate last week called the Supreme Court Transparency Act? Sounds great, right? Well, not so fast. [Statement]

5. Do we finally have a blueprint for improving accountability in the courts, via statute, and can it be bipartisan? [Op-ed]

6. Why does the Judicial Conference troll us with a semiannual meeting that coincides with Sunshine Week? [Op-ed]

7. Why does the anti-cameras crowd keep using the same wrong-headed examples on why broadcast in federal courts would fail? [LTE]

8. Finally, remember Jane Roe of W.D.N.C., who sued her supervisor in the FD office for harassment and the U.S. Courts for downplaying and mishandling her claims? She filed a notice of appeal this morning. [Filing]

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