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Judge Hughes Says Things a Federal Judge — Or Anyone, Really — Shouldn't

Hughes discounted racists’ use of fried chicken as a racial insult and said, “That’s surprising to Colonel Sanders,” adding, “No Black individually and no Blacks collectively owns [sic] the sensitivity rights to fried chicken or anything else.”

Hughes told an Asian lawyer to “move to North Korea.”

Hughes was overturned on appeal for his decision that belittled the time women spend at work breast-feeding and wanting a private area in which to do so, flippantly saying “the law does not punish lactation discrimination.”

Hughes somehow confused “Caucasians” with “Aryans,” the term hijacked by Nazis to describe the “master race,” during a 2013 hearing  in which he also insulted a man of South Asian descent.

Hughes scolded a female attorney for a mistake she made and told her, “It was lot simpler when you guys wore dark suits, white shirts and navy ties. […] We didn’t let girls do it in the old days.”

Hughes commented about a university’s diversity director position, “And what does the diversity director do? Go around painting students different colors so that they would think they were mixed?”

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