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Justice Alito's Brazen Political Speech to FedSoc Underscores Need for Ethics Code

Fix the Court’s Gabe Roth released this statement following Justice Samuel Alito’s Nov. 12 speech to the annual Federalist Society convention:

“Full of disinformation on the state of the First Amendment, how women’s reproductive systems work and the goals of a milquetoast judicial ethics proposal, Justice Alito’s speech Thursday was more befitting a Trump rally than a legal society.

“What’s more, Alito’s decision to speak about COVID’s impact on religious exercise is unconscionable at a time when cases concerning this very topic remain active at the Supreme Court and across the federal judiciary. If there were enforceable recusal standards at the high court, this would be a ripe opportunity for a motion to disqualify.

“Last night proved once and for all that the Supreme Court needs a formal code of conduct.

“Though such a code would not automatically put a stop to every ethically murky action committed by the justices, over time it would encourage them to think twice before making political speeches to partisan organizations and further eroding the public’s trust in their impartiality.”

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