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For the First Time in Decades, A Major Judgeships Bill Is Introduced in the Senate

FTC’s Gabe Roth released this statement following Sen. Todd Young’s introduction of S. 4779, the JUDGES Act, which would create 34 new district judgeships in 2021, 31 new seats in 2025 and convert 10 temporary judgeships to permanent ones, also in 2025:

Fix the Court supports the bill since it would improve access to justice in a significant way all across the country.

That litigants must often wait several years to have their cases heard does real harm to the public’s faith in the federal judiciary, and lawmakers in both parties know that increasing capacity via new judgeships is the best way to fix this.

In addition, FTC has long-supported a staggered approach for adding district judgeships, so we’re pleased that that’s been the strategy here.

Once there’s clarity with the direction of the Supreme Court nomination, I expect senators in both parties to advocate for this bill’s passage.

Federal caseloads have increased 30 percent since 1990, which was the last time Congress enacted a major bill to increase the size of the courts to keep up with filings.

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