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ABA President to SCOTUS: Keep the Livestream Alive

American Bar Association President Judy Perry Martinez has written a letter to Chief Justice Roberts urging the Supreme Court to continue offering the pubic a livestream of its oral argument audio next term.

“From all accounts,” she writes, “live streaming [arguments in May was] a watershed event that has been roundly praised by the legal community, the media, and most importantly, by the public who have appreciated the increased transparency, accountability, and opportunity to improve their understanding of the vital role of the Supreme Court in their daily lives.”

Martinez acknowledges that, like the judiciary itself, the ABA has at times been slow to adopt modern technology, but that although “progress may be slow, […] it has been steady.”

In 2016 the ABA adopted a policy encouraging SCOTUS to record and make available video recordings of its arguments. Martinez says that that may be a bridge too far for the justices at the current time and instead focuses her request on live audio.

Martinez’s letter comes on the heels of a letter from former Senate Judiciary Committee Chairmen Chuck Grassley and Pat Leahy to the Chief Justice last month that also requested audio livestreams continue next term.

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