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Pompeo Dines Privately with Registered Republicans, Such As Justice Gorsuch

By Tyler Cooper, FTC senior researcher

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s private dinners included titans of industry, entertainment stars, government officials and, occasionally, diplomats and foreign officials. The original reporting on these dinners noted that, “[e]very single member of the House or the Senate who has been invited is a Republican.”

Our research suggests that Pompeo’s preference for Republican dinner guests may have extended through all three federal branches.

Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Samuel Alito were the only members of the Supreme Court identified as invitees to the Secretary’s private, yet publicly financed, dinner parties.

Though we’ve been unable to locate Justice Alito’s voter registration information, we found that Justice Gorsuch is currently a registered Republican (registration screenshot at right) in Maryland.

No word on who he plans to vote for in the closed June 2 Republican primary, but we believe if he does vote, it will be by mail, via ballot sent to SCOTUS.

Before he became Justice Gorsuch, Judge Gorsuch was a registered Republican in Colorado.

Justice Gorsuch is not the first sitting justice to register with a political party while serving on the court. Justices Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan are all registered Democrats. However, as the high court continues to insist that it is above partisan politics we might recommend that its members do as Justice Sotomayor has done and choose to abstain from openly enrolling with a political party when registering to vote.

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