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What Murguia's Resignation Doesn't Mean

More than four months ago, Fix the Court called on the Judicial Conference to recommend impeachment for District of Kansas Judge Carlos Murguia.

His resignation this week may be the right result in this one case, but it doesn’t by any means end the conversation about the persistent gaps in protection that judiciary staff deal with on a daily basis.

It’s something we discuss in the statement for the record we submitted yesterday to House Judiciary in reference to last week’s hearing on protecting judiciary employees.

You can read our statement here.

This is a topic that we at FTC take seriously not only because several of our past and current employees have been or will be law clerks, or because we’ve worked behind the scenes with House and Senate Judiciary and the Law Clerks for Workplace Accountability, but also because each of us believes in the basic precept that a government body charged with carrying out justice must first ensure it’s being just to its own employees.

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