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Statement on Term Limits Question at Democratic Debate

Fix the Court executive director Gabe Roth released this statement after Democratic candidates discussed structural reforms at the Supreme Court tonight:

“Though it was ignored in the debates until now, the Supreme Court is a major political issue that will impact the 2020 race and beyond. But the truth is it shouldn’t be. Political victories on the left and right should be based on results at the ballot box and not on when someone appointed to a position 30 years ago happens to pass away.

Three-fourths of Americans say we can do better, that we should replace life tenure at the Supreme Court with a fairer, more rational system of term limits. Regular terms would ensure that every president, regardless of party, has the same opportunity to appoint new justices and would reduce the partisanship of the confirmation process. It would restore limits to the most powerful, least accountable part of our government, which is something 2020 candidates in both parties should agree on.”

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