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Newly Released Kavanaugh E-mails Show Contacts with Manny Miranda, Praise of Robert Mueller

***Read the e-mails here; highlights below***

On Feb. 11. 2019, the George W. Bush Library released another batch of e-mails from Justice Kavanaugh’s time in the White House Counsel’s Office.

Many dozens of them refer to his work in vetting judicial nominees, including Priscilla Owen, Charles Pickering and Bill Pryor. Others touch on his work with Senate Judiciary staffer Manny Miranda, while others still include his views on campaign finance laws.

It is believed that at least some of the Miranda e-mails were released to Senate Judiciary in committee confidential form last summer.

Additional Miranda e-mails are likely to come out due to a FOIA suit. Those documents are being posted at this link.

Highlights from the Feb. 11 batch include:
P. 2: Kavanaugh gets Fox News host Laura Ingraham notes on Fifth Circuit nominee Charles Pickering in time for her show
P. 3: Kavanaugh says he believes that “issue ad restrictions” (vis-a-vis contribution limits, which changed after Citizens United) are “unconstitutional” and that there are “constitutional problems” to limiting contributions to candidates
P. 6: Kavanaugh provides Manny Miranda his take on “a confidential letter to Dem Counsel” from Sen. Leahy’s staff that Miranda somehow gained access to (and Kavanaugh doesn’t question)
P. 8: Kavanaugh alerts others to a report that Rush Limbaugh is purportedly taking calls from Hispanics who left the Democratic Party to become Republicans over the Miguel Estrada nomination
P. 9: Kavanaugh has some thoughts on the quality of the press releases from Sen. Leahy
P. 10: Kavanaugh writes “Biden has lost it” without context
P. 10:  Kavanaugh receives information from Manny Miranda on Democratic senators’ (presumably confidential) concerns about filibustering judicial nominees
P. 12: Kavanaugh drafted a letter to then-FBI Director Robert Mueller commending the FBI’s work in conducting background checks for judicial nominees
P. 13-14: E-mail chain comprising a discussion of a letter from Sen. Feinstein to President Bush; a Republican staffer had unsigned, unofficial copy of it, but it’s unclear how she got it
P. 16: Kavanaugh and colleagues include Rudy Giuliani and Bill Barr on a “Judges list,” presumably a list of Republicans who are supportive of Bush’s judicial nominees
P. 18: Kavanaugh forwards a letter from White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales to Sen. Feinstein about the Senate needing to vote on nominees to maintain institutional integrity
P. 19: Kavanaugh sends email to Leonard Leo about protocol and how the Federalist Society should not be reaching out to government employees to invite them to White House events
P. 21: Kavanaugh and his White House colleagues try to figure out way to force the Senate to vote on judicial nominees via language from a 1789 Senate Resolution requiring a date for a nominee to be considered and an 1829 decision not to act on a nominee

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