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During Budget Testimony, Alito and Kagan Seem More Sanguine About SCOTUS "Fixes," Save Broadcast

Statement from FTC’s Gabe Roth on today’s House subcommittee hearing at which Justices Alito and Kagan testified about their budget and discussed several pro-transparency “fixes,” including broadcast access, which they sadly did not endorse:

It’s a bit disingenuous for Justices Alito and Kagan to state with poker faces, in front of several tiny video cameras and a dais full of attorneys, that cameras in their courtroom would somehow impact the tone of their hearings, especially since concerns over grandstanding haven’t proven true in other appeals courts that do allow video.

If it’s so important, as Kagan said today, for the public ‘to see an institution at work’ during contentious times, then unobtrusive cameras filming the work of public servants – whom we know won’t use C-SPAN footage in campaign ads – would do wonders to correct the American people’s misconceptions of our nation’s top court.

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