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How Congress Could Use Its Constitutional Authority to Open Up Federal Courts

Over the past several Congresses, a number of government reforms have been instituted legislatively and administratively to increase transparency and improve accountability among public officials – from the STOCK Act to term limits for committee chairmen to ever-expanding rules on congressional and Cabinet-level travel.

Yet unlike measures in place for members of Congress, their staffs, senior executive branch officials and even other federal judges, the Supreme Court has been overlooked by legislators hoping to improve the public’s understanding of how their government operates.

To this day few Americans know about the justices’ personal and financial interests. Perhaps more concerning is the lack of visibility into the Supreme Court’s courtroom, which remains obscured from the public due to the high court’s ongoing broadcast media ban. And justices are serving longer than ever before – 27 years on average – which itself raises several concerns.

As Congress strives to increase the accountability of and accessibility to our three branches, Fix the Court stands behind commonsense reforms to bring greater openness to the high court.

Click here to learn how Congress could utilize its authority over the courts to make them more transparent and accountable.

Click here to read the highlights of a February 2017 House Judiciary Courts Subcommittee hearing that covered our “fixes.”

Click here for the highlights of a similar hearing held in July 2016.

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