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FTC Responds to Chief Justice Roberts' Annual Report

Fix the Court executive director Gabe Roth had this comment following the release of Chief Justice Roberts’ year-end report on the federal judiciary:

The Chief Justice deserves credit for staying focused on the problem of harassment in the judiciary and ways to fix it.

That he has decided not to disband the anti-harassment group he created last year signals an understanding that improving workplace conduct requires an ongoing, multi-pronged approach. That he acknowledged the input of former law clerks in his report shows the importance of listening to those most likely to be victims of injudicious behavior.

That said, when it comes to ensuring his own court is following policies that promote respectful conduct, Roberts offers no specifics, instead stating that SCOTUS ‘will supplement its existing internal policies and training programs […] based on the initiatives and experience of the other federal courts.’

Hopefully, when the Judicial Conference meets in March to formally adopt the working group’s recommendations, the Supreme Court will, as well, in as public a way as possible.

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