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Major Judicial Transparency Bill May See Action During the Lame-Duck

On Sept. 13, the House Judiciary Committee approved a bipartisan bill that would improve openness and accountability in the third branch.

With the midterm elections now past us, transparency advocates are working behind the scenes to push the measure to the House floor before the sun sets on the 115th Congress.

Here’s what’s in the bill:
– Same-day audio for Supreme Court oral arguments within one year of passage
– Live audio at the high court within two years
– Live video for all circuit court arguments also within two years
– A new code of conduct for SCOTUS
– The justices would have to post online the reasoning behind each of their recusals as they occur
– All federal judges would be subject to periodic medical exams to ensure cognitive function

That the bill’s lead sponsors – Rep. Darrell Issa, Rep. Lamar Smith and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte – are all retiring may help carry the measure to the floor.

Stay tuned to see where it goes, and click here if you want to help push it over the finish line!

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