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Where Are the Rest of the Judiciary's Financial Disclosures?

Though we received the 2017 financial disclosure reports from all nine Supreme Court justices on June 14, we did not receive reports from the following judges, as we requested several weeks ago:
– Greg Katsas (CADC)
– Brett Kavanaugh (CADC)
– Stephanos Bibas (CA3)
– Tom Hardiman (CA3)
– Don Willett (CA5)
– John Bush (CA6)
– Raymond Kethledge (CA6)
– Joan Larsen (CA6)
– Amul Thapar (CA6)
– Amy Barrett (CA7)
– Diane Sykes (CA7)
– Steve Colloton (CA8)
– Ralph Erickson (CA8)
– Raymond Gruender (CA8)
– David Stras (CA8)
– Allison Eid (CA10)
– Tim Tymkovich (CA10)
– Kevin Newsom (CA11)
– Bill Pryor (CA11)
– Margaret Ryan (CAAF)
– Federico Moreno (S.D. Fla.)

We’ll let you know if and when we get them.

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