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What's the Judicial Conference's Role Amid All the Sexual Misconduct Scandals?

With several accusations of misconduct by Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski coming to light, we’re asking ourselves what role the leaders of the federal judiciary can play to ensure that those thinking about going public with complaints of sexual harassment are heard and that justice will be done. (Remember that last year a federal judge retired due to allegations of sexual misconduct.)

Chief Justice John Roberts is the head of the Judicial Conference of the U.S., the body that helps adjudicate claims of misconduct by federal judges, via its Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability.

Every December 31, Roberts issues a year-end report focusing on a single topic. Sexual misconduct – and what the judiciary is doing to protect and assist victims – would be an appropriate one for this year’s report.

As a side note, it’s important to remember that the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act does not apply to Supreme Court justices. Fix the Court e-mailed two dozen Senate Judiciary Committee staff members today to ask them if Congress will do anything about that, since being a justice doesn’t automatically make one less likely to become a sketchball.

So far, we’ve received zero responses. We’ll let you know if we get any.

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