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U.K. Supreme Court to Livestream Its Own Cakeshop Case

In a case reminiscent of one just heard at SCOTUS, the U.K. Supreme Court will soon hear arguments on whether a bakery in Northern Ireland “can refuse to make a cake celebrating same-sex marriage,” reports the New York Times.

The paper continues: “The case from Belfast concerns Gareth Lee, a gay rights activist in Northern Ireland, where same-sex marriage is not legal. In 2014, he sought to buy a cake from Ashers Baking Company [with a] graphic showing Bert and Ernie […] and the statement ‘Support Gay Marriage.’” The bakery turned down the order, saying it would “violate her Christian faith.”

One major difference between the two cases: SCOTUS does not allow camera coverage, while the UKSC, according to its chief justice, “is committed to being one of the most open and accessible in the world and, like all our hearings, our Belfast [cake] case will be live streamed via our website for everyone who cannot get to see us in person.”

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