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FTC Op-Ed in The Hill: The Most Illuminating Question That Senators Could Ask Judge Gorsuch

“‘In recent years, the Supreme Court has become the most powerful, least accountable part of our federal government, as the justices have picked our president, allowed the extremely wealthy to greatly influence our elections and made countless decisions of life and death. In your view, has the court become too powerful?’

“This single question, which a Judiciary Committee senator should ask Judge Gorsuch during his confirmation hearing later this month, would lay bare the grave concern both the left and the right have over the outsized role the judiciary now plays in our governance. It would give the nominee an opportunity to present his thoughts on whether the court’s free hand in choosing its docket has accelerated a political polarization not seen in the U.S. in generations.

“And it would help the public consider what restrictions should be placed on its authority…”

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