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Op-ed: Chief Justice Roberts Has Most to Lose with Ongoing SCOTUS Vacancy

Roberts2Fix the Court’s Gabe Roth writes on

The person who may have the most to lose in the long run from an enduring Supreme Court vacancy is not the president or Senator McConnell. It is Chief Justice John Roberts. […] It is his court’s legacy that hangs in the balance.

Roberts should remember that he is not only one of nine votes. He is also the custodian of an institution whose esteem is at an all-time low and is in desperate need of a moment where it can regain the trust of the American people. This is that moment for the court — and for Roberts himself.

Roth calls on the Chief Justice to take a page from a predecessor, Charles Evans Hughes, and to publicly state the need for a fully staffed court, via whichever forum he deems fit for his office.

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